Keep Sidewise Alive!

Think Sidewise is awesome? It could be even better -- with your help.

Sidewise started with a vision. Informed by pioneering browsers like Sleipnir and Opera, I set out to create the best tree-oriented browsing extension I possibly could for Google Chrome.

2+ years and 1500+ man-hours later, Sidewise was born. Weighing in at 15000+ lines of hand-crafted code, Sidewise is one of the most complex Chrome extensions ever created. Even so, great care was taken to keep it lightweight and resource-friendly.

I've got a huge list of future plans for Sidewise. Here are a just a select few:

  • Make it open source
  • Bookmarks, History, Downloads sidebars
  • Tree Style Histories: a tree-style back/forward history for every tab
  • Sidewise custom sidebar API
  • Custom and prepackaged themes support
  • Multiple workspaces with synchronization and backup of tree data
  • Your brilliant idea

My overarching goal is to make Sidewise the essential companion for the Chrome power user. Your donations will enable me to reach that goal.

If you think Sidewise is worth it, please donate!